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A Mushroom stamp variation where one walks up behind his wife who is watching TV, takes out his penis and thumps her on the head three times while shouting, "Court's in session... Order in the court!!!""

Extra style points awarded if you are wearing a black robe.
Because I hate watching Ghost Adventures, I snuck up on the wife and gave her the old Judge Wapner... she was not as amused as I.
#mushroom stamp #penis #forehead #wrinklestick #robe #court's in session
by Jester3380439 March 18, 2011
Slang that expresses frustration with an event that reveals an extreme injustice.
Judge Wapner! He cheated on her while she was pregnant!

I studied the wrong chapter for the test. So Judge Wapner.

It's so Judge Wapner that you got away with that.
#unfair #bollocks #crap #unjust #messed up #injustice #man #unfortunate #screwed up
by fuhrealz November 12, 2010
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