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A Juan Pablo is one of the most amazing people you will ever know. A Juan Pablo is cute, sweet, kind, gentle, and probably the best kisser ever. If you ever get a weird sensation in your stomach then you know your around a Juan Pablo.
Girl 1: OMG did you see that hit guy over there!

Girl 2: Yeah! He's so a Juan Pablo.
by HorseLover3399 May 22, 2016
The Juan Pablo is the Dirtier cousin of the Dirty Sanchez. It involves an 8-12 inch strand of anal beads and a sombrero for the man. When you have your girl in the doggie style position, insert the anal beads into the woman ass. When you pull them out quickly whip the beads into her mouth and hold on much like that of a horses reigns. When finished she should have dots of CACA left on her face.
Bro, I just pulled off the Juan Pablo with that girl from the bar, I was holding on for about 2 minutes....

Girl, my man just tried the Juan Pablo on me and left caca dots on my face!!! It was hot though....
1) Verb: To resolve a problem or situation using a simple or relaxed, laid-back solution. To tactfully disarm.

2) Noun: Quiet optimism in the face of immeasurable odds.
Verb: Man, I thought that dude was going to punch my nose in but I was able to juanpablo the problem.

Noun: Despite all the talk of an imminent nuclear winter, I'm very juanpablo about it, we'll sort it out somehow.
by Motocity February 03, 2010
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