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A wannabe Latino. A white person who acts like a chola/cholo.
"Holy shit, Susan, what's with the drawn on eyebrows slicked back ponytail? Are you going Juanabe on me?"
by Jenna Brown September 06, 2008
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A white person who wants to be Latino, adopting the culture, language and style of dress.
"Damn, that Susan is such a Juanabe! Look at her with those chola eyebrows and dark lipliner."
by Jenna Brown September 03, 2008
6 1
A white person with Latino envy. A wannabe cholo.
"Is that Susan with the magic marker eyebrows and teardrop tattoo? She's such a Juanabe!"
by JEBrown August 13, 2008
6 2
Someone who pretends to be a stoner or acts like a stoner for attention or the opportunity to appear "cool".

Also, for more obvious textual evidence, marijuana-be.
Mary Jane always talks about how she's stoned all the time, but everyone knows she's just a juana-be.
by Freaky-Deeky February 19, 2012
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