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Noun - a Jshitty is a legendary figure who accomplished the feat of drinking large sums of alcohol for 30 nights consecutively. During these epic thirty nights Jshitty participated in various activities consisting of public urination, cigarette smoking and retardation. He also accomplished using the word "Yo" before every word in the English dictionary.

Adjective - To get Jshitty means to drink large amounts of alcohol, smoke plenty of grade A product and participate in ridiculous shenanigans all at the same time until you pass out or black out, and then anything goes.
Small Infant 1 :
"Yo Jshitty, are you drinking tonight?"
"What kind of question is that..."




"The words of Jshitty are those of a prophet, listen to him preach and learn the mysteries of life"

#shitty #alcohol #drugs #alcoholism #sex
by The Father of the Shitty April 06, 2009
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