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A mystical term that originated in the bay/v town. Joyveys are often the ones surrounded by hella people. they are also the leader of the group. you might catch them being hyphy or getting stupid. the words cool, awsome, beautiful, funny, smart, and cool are other definitions for joyvey.-
kid-oh my god joyvey is coming what am i gunna do! how do i look?! (jovey- damm your retared!)

someone who just watched transformers- that movie was hella joyvey.

everyone who isnt a joyvey- man! i wish i was a joyvey! :
by BryBoy&Natalie November 21, 2007

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when something awesome and fantastic happens. opposite of oy vey.
"i just made a 100% on my history test, yo!"
-"joy vey, man!"
by mollzors February 23, 2010