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Joytika is the name of a young beautiful girl who try's her best to be beautiful but is forever convincing herself that she is not.

Extremely out going, shy at first but once you get to know her, the weirdest person you've ever met.
But thats what gets you hooked.

She holds a smile that makes you want to please her as much as you can.
And she can not lie to save her life, her facial expressions and eyes give it all away.

Strives to be different and rebellious, but usually does it with a group of people.
Strong hearted and a deep thinker
A pro at hiding emotions, harsh things dont get to her, its teh simple things that heart the most.

Gets cold easily

Can entertain you for hours on end
Independent but depends on some.
Trust isn't gained easily, but it is lost easily.
Gamer Girl
" who's that stunner in the corner with only a few people?'

' oh thats Joytika '

' what pick up line should i use?'
' haha that approach will never work'
by LadyMystic March 14, 2012
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