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Joval, or Jovalution, is a movement started during the spring of 2010 by a few Berkeley students who share a passion for badminton of legendary proportions.

The JovalArts (including the Forbidden Joval-Jutsu) is taught exclusively by the Jovalian school of thought. It includes, but not limited to:

Joval Drop
Joval Clear
Joval Smash
Joval Hulk Smash
Joval-Peter Gade
Joval-Reverse Peter Gade
Joval Cross Drop
Joval Drive
Joval Serve
Joval Flick Serve
Joval Slice
Joval On the Line
Joval Out
Joval Owned
Joval Win

Note: the Forbidden Joval-Jutsu cannot be revealed until one has mastered the JovalArts.
Betty just Joval Smashed Jon! He got Joval Owned.
by fredxj April 05, 2010
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