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a creature of such beauty it can not be from this earth

a woman with such sex appeal micheal jackson would rise from the grave at the thought of her voluptuous curves

someone who walks the earth with the knowledge that there is nothing or no one better, sexier, funnier or downright cooler than they are.
Sam: hey! did you just talk to Jourdyn? Lindsey: yeah, she's only the coolest person in the world and my life wouldn't be worth living if i didn't talk to her everyday
by kkaattii February 03, 2010
The cutesy guy ever, sexy, masculine individual exuding the most desirable of traits. Funny, sexy laid back; friends with every one, stands up for what he believes in, a born leader. He is envied by all men and will make success of anything.
Jourdyn is the man! Wish I was as cool as him.
by Ed1082 October 10, 2011

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