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the sexiest, smartest, most sensitive guy you'll ever meet
Look, Martha! That Joshwa likes your eyes but he also wants to rail on yo butt!!
by MarthaMay867 May 10, 2013
N. 1. a true badass. 2. A real mans man. 3. Knows how to party and get down. 4. Has an awesome boyfriend.
"See that guy over there? He's so cool he MUST be a Joshwa...."
by OOMBLOMBEDONP December 30, 2013
A rare ocurrance made up of 2 factors:

A drunken Irish father who placed a W instead of a U on a birth certificate.

A mother and father who think it's so funny they didn't change it till the poor blitter was 16.

Not that I'm bitter....mum, dad Chuala mé "Gabh suas ort fhéin" le haghaidh.
haha that kids a reatrd he can't even spell his own name.

J O S H W A.....joshwa, bah hahahaha.

sad times.
by A nun on crack? November 24, 2009

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