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A goddess ! A sexy ass woman with an amazing personality that is a good girl and can keep her man happy. Faithful, understanding, and will always be by your side . shes a keeper
Joselynn is Amazing.

Joselynn Is Beautiful
by jline December 04, 2013
The most Beautiful girl that I have ever seen. She might not see that she's beautiful but you need to keep reminding her that she is. She's Amazing, Stunning, Gorgeous and very breathtaking.❤ She's the type of girl that will make you fall for her just by being herself. There's to much great things to say about her but not enough space.She will be Loyal, Honest and True to you. Forever and Always.
Joselynn is just so Amazing and is just so incredibly Beautiful.
by ToInfinityAndBeyond April 15, 2014
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