Top Definition
1. An extremely homosexual male.
(see too gay to function)

2. An extremely drunk person with homosexual tendencies.
1. Hey Jose Queervo, pull your dick out of your boyfriend's ass.

2. After thirteen beers and many sexual advances to his buddies, John's friends started calling him Jose Queervo.
by OGBiggs February 28, 2009
An insult to many who love the Jose Cuervo beverages and as a result act like arrogant jerks who are better than everyone else because it's the most expensinve that minimun wage can buy.
Guy 1: "Man, look at that loser at the bar."

Guy 2: "Yea, check out his drink."

Guy 3: "What a Jose Queervo!"
by BMW9695 May 08, 2011
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