-often, a plastic surgeon.

-an old man who married a fashionable,hip, fat 40 year old woman.
-likes to play golf
-has a bad temper
-lectures people everyday about ANYTHING. mostly about weight,education and money
person 1: hey, you know there's this new guy in my neighborhood, he married this younger woman and keeps on insulting me!
person 2: oh, he must be a Jorge!
by A.I.N. July 26, 2009
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The most awsome dude ever,a pretty boy,who like too have sex and is amazing at it too,usaully good at soccer and is a very loveing and imotional person.
Friend: have you had sex with jorge?
Friend: no.
Friend:well he is amazing at it!
friend: and he is so hot too!
by herardo June 13, 2009
An extremely attractive guy. He is usually the shy one that all the girls think is cute. He is amazing in bed and very horny.
OMG! look there is jorge!
by lookatme77177 August 26, 2009
An awesome male name in Spanish, pronounced Whore Hey. Which makes it even more awesome.
Hey Whore!

The name's Jorge, jeez!
by honeybee12874 November 02, 2007
Jorge is an awesome guy he is passionate,loving caring and cool to be around he might be shy but a good guy.
by aczsdwiopqrpaw February 07, 2010
The True greatest guy on earth although his name sounds whore hey he is still the greatest guy on earth
Jorge rules sD :D
by J_D 210 November 17, 2009
v. To take a sexual partner like a stallion.
Man, that babe is so hot. I would love to jorge her!
by Jorge Luis March 10, 2008
A Jorge is someone who looks at his birth certificate wondering which parent managed to get it to say he was born in Oregon. He is a great swimmer, and light on his feet. Someone named Jorge will always radiate confidence, and wear showy tank tops because he likes the attention.

Sometimes Jorge gets angry; he was the inspiration behind the cloverfield monster, a being from across the sea that swims ashore and ravages everything. He can only be beaten by large doses of alcohol and short Eastern European women.

A Jorge is many things, and all of them are funny. He keeps his intelligence a secret, but he likes to blab. His maturity level ages in the same direction as Benjamin Button.

A Jorge is a key, he only fits one lock and only one lock is opened by him. He is a man loved unconditionally and the one for whom I wake each day inspired to make him smile.

I hope to marry a Jorge.
J.C.: "Roscoe, do you know how we got these ants??"

Roscoe: "Jorge. That's how you get ants."
by Dairy-Maid November 09, 2013

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