A Jorge is someone who looks at his birth certificate wondering which parent managed to get it to say he was born in Oregon. He is a great swimmer, and light on his feet. Someone named Jorge will always radiate confidence, and wear showy tank tops because he likes the attention.

Sometimes Jorge gets angry; he was the inspiration behind the cloverfield monster, a being from across the sea that swims ashore and ravages everything. He can only be beaten by large doses of alcohol and short Eastern European women.

A Jorge is many things, and all of them are funny. He keeps his intelligence a secret, but he likes to blab. His maturity level ages in the same direction as Benjamin Button.

A Jorge is a key, he only fits one lock and only one lock is opened by him. He is a man loved unconditionally and the one for whom I wake each day inspired to make him smile.

I hope to marry a Jorge.
J.C.: "Roscoe, do you know how we got these ants??"

Roscoe: "Jorge. That's how you get ants."
by Dairy-Maid November 09, 2013
The perfect man. Jorge is kind, caring, gentle, but also AMAZING in bed, tough, strong, and hilarious. Jorge is a bad ass who loves his woman, his family, and his country. Not the overly social type but not shy at all. Likes old school hip hop and Thai Food. Jorge can do ANYTHING he sets his mind to and is extremely well loved by anyone close to him. Jorge is incredibly handsome; An amazing smile with big kissable lips. Jorge loves football and muscle cars. Also, Jorge is exceptionally endowed.
Girl1: Isn't that your boyfriend?
Girl2: Yeah, he's PERFECT.
Girl1: His name must be Jorge then.

Girl2: DUHHH
by Siren715 February 23, 2015
A sexy spic ( ;
Girl1: Wheres that sexy spic?
Girl2: Who? Jorge?
by tURRkey GiRl ( ; October 25, 2010
Jorge originally ment "loveable human being" in a secret language few people know.
A "Jorge" is a loveable human.
by apolina June 19, 2015
Best guy alive. Hella hot and hella nice and hella great. BEST PERSON EVER
Jorge is first on my 'to do' list
by brookesmainhoehannibal June 01, 2016
HOTTEst guy ever
Jorge my boobs r very heavy, can u hold them for me??
by brookesmainhoehannibal June 01, 2016
Dark hair. White skined. Green eyes. He is a funny shy guy with a good heart. Some girls might see him as a nerd but when you get close to him you'll notice how awesome he is. He also plays soccer and he is really tall.
He might see me as a friend but everytime he hugs me I feel butterflies.
I catch Jorge looking at me, so sweet.
by Pitchie X June 29, 2015
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