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When a joke is so funny that the physical response is akin to that of an orgasm. Usually paired with words like "oh, oh God! Yes!"
"Oh God! That joke was so funny I just jorgasmed (in my pants)!"
by Foxykubs April 17, 2011
A joke-orgasm, when finished having this joke orgasm you inform your partner you were just joking.
Chick-"Oh god, Oh god, OOOHHHHH GGGGOOOODDD!!! Just kidding, that was faked."
Guy-"Oh ha ha you and your jorgasm! What a jokester."
by NickA27 March 11, 2010
When a person with the name Jordan gives you as orgasm.
Quanita responded, "Ohh gurl, I jorgasmed eight times last night."
by LilWizBIGiCeKiD July 30, 2016
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