(Noun) A big idiot football player obsessed with jack and the box and his "tube steak"

(Verb)To pull a jordo is to stuff someones face into their genital area and make a slurping sound, while laughing hysterically like an idiot.
1.(noun)I was hanging out with this big jock at a party, but he turned out to be a jordo so i jizzed in his pale ale.

2. (verb)
Bobby: So the punk ass told me he was gonna kick the shit out of me
Dan: What'd you do then?
Bobby: I Pulled a Jordo on him then kicked him in the ass and he ran off crying
by Dev-o November 21, 2004
Top Definition
A Jordo knows whatsup. A Jordo is athletic and crazy sexy. And always down to party in the USA. Jordo will make you laugh every minute your around them. A Jordo tends to break hearts because they fall in and out of love easily. But a Jordo will settle for that one someone once they have found them. A Jordo can be extremely private so you may have to open up first, but once a Jordo trusts you, there is no turning back.
"OMG that girl over there is out of her mind!"
"That's a Jordo!"

"Wow, she is hysterical."
"Hm, she is probably a Jordo."
by Ztopwazhere February 14, 2010
A big stupid football player that will lie right to your face and will treat you like shit until he wants something. That thinks that whatever he sees and wants, he can have. That he can lie to people that trusted him just to get into their pants.
" OMG look at him! (; "
" Who? Wait. You don't want to get involved with him.. He's a Jordo. You'll only get hurt. "
by Paper.Cranes. November 12, 2011
a girl who lives in a cave with her mom because no one likes her
"there goes a jordo! back to her cave as always"
"good, no one here likes her anyways!"
by dani March 25, 2003
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