The act of reading someone's message and not replying. Twice as effective if they have read report on. Similar to ignore text
Guy one: Dude, you know that chick frame the bar last night? I got her number.
Guy two: That one? She went for you?
Guy one: Yeah, but she's totally Jordaning me.
by Anon poop May 09, 2013
Top Definition
The act of disputing a moot point and/or abandoning previous viewpoints to maintain a false bravado of correctivity, while being from the virgin islands.
After I knew I was wrong, instead of admitting defeat, I started Jordaning to avoid the humiliation of looking dumb.

That is not what a real kracken looks like.

I love Lebron James, he is much better than Dwight Howard ever will be. He is the greatest player of all time.
by poopy mayne August 30, 2010
When your boobs are so on point that everybody stops what they're doing to say "damn!"; always looking jaw dropping good
"Yo do you see that fine chick over there?"
"Damn! She's hardcore jordaning today!"
by DashinglySeth September 14, 2016
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