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The act of disputing a moot point and/or abandoning previous viewpoints to maintain a false bravado of correctivity, while being from the virgin islands.
After I knew I was wrong, instead of admitting defeat, I started Jordaning to avoid the humiliation of looking dumb.

That is not what a real kracken looks like.

I love Lebron James, he is much better than Dwight Howard ever will be. He is the greatest player of all time.
by poopy mayne August 30, 2010
8 2
Davis is Jordaning.
by fuckmyasssideways September 22, 2013
3 1
The act of reading someone's message and not replying. Twice as effective if they have read report on. Similar to ignore text
Guy one: Dude, you know that chick frame the bar last night? I got her number.
Guy two: That one? She went for you?
Guy one: Yeah, but she's totally Jordaning me.
by Anon poop May 09, 2013
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