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To 'Joosab' is to entice someone out of their hard won riches using a devious ploy, i.e. to swindle them.

It primarily means to swindle with indifference, be it a stranger or a life-long friend, everyone's a target. A 'Joosab' is often carried out through unscrupulous trickery, used to defraud others and eliminate enemies.

To Joosab also incorporates the worst swindling of all, emotional swindling. Ruthless and devastating, it occurs when a Joosabian uses counterfeit emotion to win the hearts of the masses, before dismissing them and hence crushing their spirits. Many who have been so severely Joosab-ed often never recover.

To 'Joosab someone's heart' is a phrase often used to describe heartbreak.
by JustAnotherPenguin November 22, 2010
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