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Abbreviation for Jumper/Snood. A fashionable, alternative way to wear a jumper/pullover/sweatshirt as a scarf. Commonly worn by London hipsters.
"Dude, you look 'balls what is that?"
"Totes Tarquin, it's a Jood"
by BMDN November 12, 2013
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Jood is usually a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Jood is a caring, loving person. She is so funny. Jood hates drama but is always put into it. She does not make anyone feel left out. She knows what friends to keep close. She has a very nice personality and everyone always wants to be around her. Jood is super pretty. You either become her friend or fall in love with her but their is no way you hate her. She is so fun and spirited. You always need a Jood in your life.
"That girl is so hot, she is probably a Jood."
"Jood is so nice!"
by Queen.Of.comebacks July 23, 2016
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It is good spelled with a "j". Same meaning, just alot cooler. Jood.
Girl: "I loved that movie"
Guy: "Jood"
Girl: "Oh, your so cool"
Point proven.
by Mikey..... October 30, 2007
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to be ripped off, or to be swindled
that joo jacob, just joo'd me outta my chains.
by Al Downes November 02, 2006
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to be ripped off, or to be swindled
that joo jacob, just joo'd me outta my chains.
by Al Downes October 31, 2006
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Dutch word meaning jew. Usually people from Amsterdam.
"Zie je die kut joden daar?"
"Do you see those fucking jews over there?"

"Hij is een jood!"
"He is a jew!"
by Viper23rd July 31, 2008
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