someone that is tow-up from the flo up
Man, that hoe is jonkey!

Timmy's new girlfriend is a jonkey piece of ass.

Who would tap that jonkey mofo?!
by Alyssa and Tiffany April 22, 2006
Top Definition
A tall oaf like creature, who can't row, never has any money and is a bit thick
Look at that jonkey rowing
by kieran Pulford July 21, 2011
Insult ; meaning lowest form of life humanly possible,Very nasty insult

Derived from a very evil man
"Where did the 22 trillion dollars go ya jonkey cunt"
"Dont pull my pony tail ya jonkey wanker"
by LS1B2K June 02, 2015
Tall lanky human being that likes checkers
Whos that?

Thats Jonkey.
by BASERsta November 06, 2008
Penis, The reproductive organ between a male's legs
Liz has a sweaty Jonkey
by Jesuspoopoo September 01, 2010
1. adj: A tightwad, someone that is cheap.
2. adj: awesome, cool, or tight.
1. Trey is so jonkey he never leaves tips at restaurants.
2. Trey is not jonkey at all, he is such a loser that makes up fake words.
by Kody October 26, 2004

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