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A VERY happy Jonas. Joe loves to sing... a lot.
Is that a banana in you're pocket or do you have a Joner?
by jhwvfujsefguif August 23, 2008
68 34
Joe Jonas's boner!!!!!
HOT DAMN look at that joner!
by chickenpubes May 03, 2008
278 122
A Term used to describe the Boner of a Jonas Brother.
"God Joe must have been really happy at the concert. He had a huge Joner" "Well he's surrounded by tons of beautiful girls"
by Meggy1010 July 10, 2008
207 66
the apperance of a boner formed by the coupling of the jeans in the croth area
dude, your joner is huge....i bet chicks dig it.
by J October 20, 2004
136 84
Derivative of the two words, "Jean" and the slang word, "Boner".

A folding of the jeans in the crotch region of a pair of jeans that results in a small to medium sized uprising when worn. Usually found when worn by girls, although they can be found in certain males who either have microscopic genitalia or who wear loose jeans.
Nikki showed me her joner during lunch today, it was quite large. However, mine was larger, so I showed her mine.
by joner1234 January 02, 2011
51 11
When Frankie, Nick, Joe, or Kevin Jonas experience an erection ((boner)) which usually is displayed in a rather large and noticeable way. Girls go craaaaaaaaaazy!
*Joe Jonas is on stage, doing his celebration dance*

*"Cute Girl" glances at Joe*

*Joe notices said "Cute Girl" and gets excited*

*Everyone screams because of his Joner as he tones it (his dancing) down and tries to hide it*

And that my friends, is a Joner.
by WeArEvErYcOoLpEoPlE January 02, 2009
60 30
Joner is when your jeans form a boner like form, when really your limp as can be. Although to others it may appear like your rockin one.
" I was sittin in class and noticed i was gettin some strange looks, later i realized it was probably because i was rockin a dirty ole Joner"
by Alexander Campbell September 12, 2011
1 3