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He is very good at bs-ing people. Especially at HomeDepot regarding electricity. He will eventually be going to Barcelona for 3 months . Oh wait no! He will instead meet a pretty girl with a smile named Leslee and will take her to Paris.NOT only that, but they will do anything to text her, they will even buy a charger at work. Usually Jonatan's dislike soups any sorta soups. They are all about the pugs life. Oh wait no, pug life chooses them ;) and are crazy about animals! All in all Jonata's are great at listeners, superduper outgoing , passionate about J's , b-ball and Chainz without the 2. Jonatan's are ideal friends , caring , attentioned to detail, can be sensitive, dislike rides , committed to that ine special person, loves his family, and intellectual. If you ever come across a JONATAN in your life, you better believe it! They are keepers!
Dang he has some dope J's ! He must be a Jonatan !
by theprettysmilegurl January 10, 2014