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When people, usually female teens obsess over a mundane boy band.

Symptoms include:

-fainting upon sight of the jonas brothers.
-owning large amounts of jonas brothers merchandise.
-having a jonas brothers fansite as your homepage.
-being female.
-having jonas brothers posters over every single inch of wall in your bedroom.
-a lack of interest in anything other than the jonas brothers.
-making up sexual fantasies about the jonas brothers.
-ect. the list goes on.

Very similar to beatlemania
iwantjonasorgy says: omg, did you see that video of joe jonas dancin to single ladies? it was SOO hawt! mama lieks thos tight clothing! ;)

normalperson says: *sighs*, yes. i did it was kind of disturbing ... i really wasn't interested in seei-

iwantjonasorgy says: HE IZ SOOO HAWT. LIEK OMAHGAUD!

normalperson says: look, Im going to have to let you go. bye.

iwantjonasorgy says: OKAII!! BYESZ!

normalperson says: talk about jonasmania...
by asquirrelwilde June 18, 2009
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