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1 - When someone becomes obsessed with the Jonas Brothers
2 - When somebody puts a bunch of Jonas Brother quotes or posters or other such JB things on something or someone

It's pretty much when the Jonas brothers "Pone" (not Pwn) someone/thing either directly or through their fans.
Example 1 - Girl 1 - "Wow, Alicia's room is filled with JB posters"
Girl 2 - "Yah she's totally been Jonafied"

Example 2 - Girl 1 - "Did you see the third stall from the door in the girls washroom on the second floor?"
Girl 2 - "YES! Stacey was in there yesterday and she totally Jonafied the walls! The janitors were all like 'Yo that's illogical, I can't have it'"
by Codi Starks III March 14, 2008
Youve been pimped Jonas style
Amanda and Paige have been jonafied
by amanda and paige June 20, 2008
A word to describe something or someone covered with Jonas Brothers items
"Oh Em Jay,i JONAFIED my computer"
by Joe Jonas' Wife August 09, 2008

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