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A term used to refer to someone who is insanely good at music. Specifically the drums, piano, and guitar.

It is also used to refer to someone with a very high IQ.
I can't believe you aced the test. You're such a Jon-Paul .

We got this new drummer/pianist/guitarist for our band and he's a Jon-Paul.
by J.P.D. August 31, 2006
A creative name composed of two first names. Target of many jokes, the person bearing this name is smooth with the ladies. Very sweet, and very cute, not exactally sexy, but very pleasant to look at.
"Look at Jonpaul talking to that girl over there..." "Wasn't he talking to another girl like five seconds ago?"
by slapahoe2X February 08, 2010
Of English origin; Jon meaning "God," Paul meaning"humble." Gives definition to the saying "The way a man treats his mother is how he will treat his wife." Jon Paul is a "momma's boy." Jon Paul's are hard working and usually work with their hands. They are very meticulous. If you befriend and earn a Jon Paul's trust, you will never be alone. Jon Paul's are very loyal friends. At first sight, a Jon Paul may strike you as intimidating, but don't be fooled by his strong persona. Although he has a very strong work ethic, on spare time a party is not complete without him. Jon Paul's can usually pursue any woman he desires purely because of his extremely strong sex appeal. He is not easily
satisfied, and typically keeps in search of something more in a significant other. He is amazing in bed.
loyal sexy determined articulate You have to join us for dinner tonight, Jon Paul is coming.
by behindthename October 14, 2013
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