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Dirty, scurvy rich drunken pirate sex in the butt...Arrrrrg! Because butt sex is for pirates.
Arrrrrg me maties, I had a bit too much of the Captain (Morgan) in me last night, and then the Captain (NOT Morgan!) pulled a Jolly Rodger on me in me drunken slumber and now I got a little more of the Captain in me, Arrrrg is me cornhole sore, I say mutiny!
by Captain Jack Sparrow March 07, 2005
1.Where one or more males go to the toilet to have a pleasurable urinate involving conversations about birds, a form of male bonding.
2. A pirate flag consisting of a skull and cross bones.
1.I need a Jolly Rodger, anyothers?
2. Gyarrr Jim Lad, fly Rodge fer me navy boys. Gyarrgh
getting a blowjob and then jizzing in the girl's eyes.
"We went back to Stacy's after the movie, and she gave me a Jolly Rodger. I made a mess all over her face!"
by xxx6969xxx August 24, 2009
Cumming in your lady-friend's open eyeball whilst delivering a solid kick to her shin. Resulting in her hopping around on one foot (peg-legged), whilst moaning "Arrgg", hopefully in a decent pirate imitation. (Parrot optional, Hook not recommended for novices.)
"After plundering the precious Booty of lowly wench Stephanie, I delivered the coup de grace with a perfectly executed Jolly Rodger." " I believe I owe that Hookerface a parrot."
by $L @PNuTZ August 17, 2015
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