1. A camp and possibly homosexual male
2. A friend or drinking buddy
1. Chris: Did you see his leotard?

Dennis: He's clearly a jolly boy

2. Adam: alright Dennis? fancy consuming some ale?

Dennis: Damn right jolly boy!
by Harv13 April 23, 2010
Top Definition
Group of young english lads intent on having a good time, leaving the norm behind them. Usualy "on a jolly" to a seaside town such as Brighton or Margate, London also a popular destination.
(Stems from the episode of only fools and horse 'Jolly boys outing')
"Leave it out i aint gunna say a word to linda 'bout us bunch of jolly boys goin down paignton for that right old royal bender, you got the pills? good, then lets go fucking mental. LETS GO FUCKING MENTAL, LETS GO FUCKING MENTAL, NAH NAH NAH NAH HUH, NAH NAH NAH NAH HUH"
by cwish March 25, 2008
A homosexual or gay man, who parades around in a feminine or nancy boy fashion!
"That queer's such a fucking Jolly Boy!!"

"Oi, Jolly Boy pass me your Lip Gloss!!"
by Afan O'Donovan November 05, 2007
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