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One of the hottest Taiwanese pop singers who is extremely famous in Asian. Jolin Tsai was born in September 15, 1980 in Taipei, Taiwan. She started out by singing in a MTV competition at the age of 18. She won first prize and was signed to Universal Music (then signed to Sony BMG, and is now working with Capitol Records). She has sold more albums than anyone in Taiwan and is known as the reigning queen of mando-pop.
Person 1: Hey you know Jolin Tsai?
Person 2: Oh you mean that hot-ass asian chick from Taiwan? HELL YA!
-high fives-
by Soapz* November 12, 2006
Jolin Tsai is a Taiwanese popstar. She isn't too popular outside of China/Taiwan. Therefore, she's not necessarily an "Asian artist". Her voice is of an average standard, and her dancing is rather mediocre. Famous for lipsynching, Jolin also is rumored to have plastic surgery. She is also known for her infamous "sausage lips". Possibly one of the most famous Taiwanese stars, although she is rather pathetic compared to others like BoA Kwon, Namie Amuro, and many more artists.
Person #1: Who's Jolin Tsai?
Person #2: Taiwan popstar, product of plastic surgery!

Person #1: How's her dancing?
Person #2: Quite inferior to many other artists, can't perform live either.

Person #1: What about her voice?
Person #2: Nothing special..

Person #1: Then how is she a popstar?
Person #2: She's not internationally famous, or even famous outside of China/Taiwan.
by JolinTsaiSucks December 02, 2007
A beautiful and talented Taiwanese female singer. She is also a good dancer and is famous throughout all of Asia. Unlike other Asian Pop Princesses, Jolin has not gotten any plastic surgery. Can't say the same for the inferior Hyori Lee and BoA Kwon. But of course, plastic surgery is famous in Korea and not Taiwan.
Q.Who is Jolin Tsai?
A.A Goddess.

Q.Why is she famous?
A.Her competition sucks i.e. BoA/Hyori.
by Jacob Lee June 17, 2008
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