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A replacement for the word "cool", which has been in popular vernacular for far too long. Most recently popularized by nerd fighters.
"How was the concert last night?"
"Aw man, it was SO JOKES!"
by EP Nerd fighter August 10, 2007
398 223
Q: What does a Big Fat White women and a Brick have in common?

A: Sooner or later, they will both be laid by a Mexican.
Go ahead and laugh, it is true, but just a joke.
by Doug Hightower September 23, 2005
1203 438
what do u call a black airplane pilot

a pilot you racist
fuckin tennis players
by Savino biotch April 08, 2005
1004 345
an elephant and a camel meet on a road:

Elephantl: Say, why is it you camels have your breasts on your back?

The camel pauses for a mimute....

Camel: That's an unusual question coming from someone who has a dick on his face...
the moral of the joke is this: camels are sexier than elephants!
by yogos July 21, 2006
706 222
This one is a good to pull on your friend in a crowd..

Q: If you were to go camping with a bunch of guys. Then in the middle of the night you woke up with your pants down, and vaseline on your butt, would you tell anyone?

(If they answer no)

A: Wanna go camping?
It's a joke, smile a little. Yeah, it's sick, but funny in a crowd.
by Doug Hightower September 23, 2005
639 231
Q: A mexican guy and a black guys is in a car, whos driving?

A: the cops
Funny shit, huh? I like that one
by James Lowe February 05, 2005
816 413
A boy was masturbating in his room 1 day and his dad comes in:

dad: "Son, stop masturbating or u will go blind."

son: "Dad, i'm over here."
come on ppl its a funny joke, just laugh along ;)
by lilangel4eva September 23, 2009
539 232
Something funny or awesome.
Like Cuttie has a fuckin' hawk, thats jokes man.
by Sheldon January 24, 2004
423 238