n. An alcoholic beverage that consists of Jack Daniels and coke.
I love jokes. They're extremely tasty.

by noyce December 05, 2006
It is when you say something really funny to someone either to dis them or just for the sake of telling jokes.
Hey mikey boy you can't get more white than a pair of white pants, and your army strut, boy! You are like the biggest white joke.
by gnomes-g October 27, 2005
A ludicrous object or concept that can be called a 'joke' because its sheer stupidity is ridiculous enough to make a person laugh.
The idea of letting a 'partnership' of homosexual dogs receive the same benefits as straight canines is a joke.
by Diggity Monkeez February 26, 2005
Woman's rights
It's not really a joke.
by Danio Phantamo March 13, 2009
1) A adjective used to describes ones amusingness.

2) A word used to replace fun.
1) " Nah man, dat cracka is well joke. "

2) " Yo jackass, bust me some joke. "
by Sam 'Raphael' Senior November 11, 2003
Verb. To be a retard. Usually used in a demeaning sense towards someone that you dislike. Also can be used with sattire when joking with friends.
Boy: Wanna go out for a coffee or something?
Girl: Are you kidding. You are so ugly and SUCH a joke.

Girl 1: I want some green tea.
Gril 2: You're a joke.
by amanda_ October 25, 2006
women's rights
person 1: Wanna hear a joke?
person 2: Women's rights
by wittyname January 16, 2010

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