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In Business: A Partnership in which two or more companies (often from different countries) join to undertake a major project

Socially: A blazing session in which two or more people (often from different countries) join to undertake smoking a large joint
Billy calls his friend Huang from China to come hang out in America. When Huang arrives they find themselves face to face with a large quantity of marijuana and rolling paper. Billy rolls a 12g joint while Huang calls Winston from England and Pablo from Puerto Rico. Once everyone arrives they begin a Joint Venture, smoking in Billy's basement until no one can stand up anymore.
by D2DaWreck October 13, 2011
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A overused and often misused term used by Jamaicans to say they are too fucking lazy to do something on their own

2nd meaning
A journey to get some weed
Lazy Jamaican 1- hey you want to have a joint venture to get some ganja

Lazy Jamaican 2- nah man me a just had a joint venture with rasta me good
by cfc1989 July 07, 2011

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