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Most fun part of Lamoilly County in Northern Vermont. With a pleasant mix of hippies, rednecks, and flatlanders, Johnson is an accepting and awesome place to do whatever the hell you want. Here you can see beloved locals like Perma-Trip, or visit The Hub or The Lovin' Cup, two yummy places to chill and eat. Tuesday Night Live is also a big deal, it's boring but a lot of the old hippies go. JSC is a college full of weird people and you can Frolf there, and the town has a ton of studios for local artists. There's also a lot of places to swim in the summer and you can hike too. Johnson is the best twon ever, it's tiny, but you'll never get bored.
Dude I'm really bored.

It sucks we aren't anywhere near Johnson, VT, we could just hang out there.
by ilovermontmd June 28, 2011
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The tiniest of towns (as long as you're defining a town as three churches, a movie theater, a couple run-down shacks and a gas station). Conveniently squished between Morristown and Hyde Park. No one ever passes it/visits it except to continue on towards Stowe or attend the local college (Johnson State College) which no one has ever heard of.
Maggie: i tried to look up johnson, vt on urban dictionary, and nothing came up....

Ariana: so define it.
by maggeth1 July 23, 2009

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