underground term for a police officer or a nark. check 21 jump st.
johnny is here! run!
by andrew March 06, 2005
A good actor who sits in his house in the cheese sniffing country of France. While sitting in his house, he bad mouths America. Then he comes over here, stars in a movie and makes a ton of money off of our country (which he hates so much).
"I'm Johnny Depp. I'm a hypocrite."
by Mike Dizzy February 11, 2006
An incredibly overrated actor adored by brainwashed preteens.
I can name 20 guys off the top of my head who are hotter than Johnny Depp!
by Loi April 21, 2006
Johnny Depp is one of the most amazing people ever. If you've only seen pirates of the carribean then get your butt in gear and watch some more. He can evoke emotions that no orer actor can because he wants to act, and loves to act. Edward scirror hand made me sob for hours, what's eating Gilbert grape made me feel for the poor teenager too old for his years. The secret window made me love a killer. Alice in wonderland made me laugh and love the little kids story agian, and crybaby, oh I just live them all! An could go on forever. Johnny puts his heart into his work and that's why I love him so much.

And besides... He's a sex god!
Johnny depp is AMAZING!
by Lallalalala December 18, 2010
Actor that was fantastic in the 90's. But after starring in the garbage dump film "Pirates of the Carribean" He went straight to hell in a handbasket, and lost his real fans..and found themselves replaced by terrible fan females!
"Hey, have you heard about Johnny Depp?"
Person 2: Pirates of the carribean made me waant to jump off a bridge and get hit by a bus on the way down.
by Fred Ritzen November 22, 2004
he is such a loser. they say he is hot but he is so not. and he cant act worth a shit! i am so glad he died in POTC:DMC
johnny depp sux and i hope he will die by choking at a restaurant and nobody will help him, they will just laugh at him
by shannon<3 September 03, 2006
disgusting, old, ugly man who is old enough to be your father and girls everywhere lust after him (me NOT being one of them)
the man whom you call a father!!!
by Liz January 09, 2005

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