1. A sex act in which a man uses his thumbs to pack his testicles into an ass hole -- similarly to how one would pack a seed into the earth vis-à-vis the folk myth of Johnny Appleseed.

2. The "tea bagging" of a garden in an attempt to make it more fertile.
Richard Gere wouldn't have made such a name for himself if Pauly Shore had given him a Johnny Appleseed instead of that poor gerbil.
by Balki Bartokomouth August 08, 2013
Top Definition
Verb. The action of a dude spreading his seed across no less than three states. This may be accomplished by actions such as a road trip. The vehicle of choice is a van, granted a bicycle and a dumpster in the back alley will suffice.

Disclaimer: It must be a different women per state. "Women" in Montana don't count due to their manliness. Animals don't count. Family members don't count.
Bryan and I are going to johnny appleseed this summer on our coast to coast road trip.
by AK-Nick July 18, 2009
To gently place your slighty moist, newly shaven balls on the shoulder of an unsuspecting individual.
I snuck up behind my roommate and gave him the ol' Johnny Appleseed.
by Darko October 05, 2004
A man who doesn't wear condoms when having sex with women he hardly knows. Derived from the expression of how a man "plants his seed" to impregnate a woman. "Johnny Appleseed" can also be used to refer to a man who has many children by many women.
"Mike refuses to wear rubbers with any chick he has sex with. He's a regular Johnny Appleseed."

"Levon has baby mammas all over town. He's a regular Johnny Appleseed."
by Bolo919 April 13, 2009
A nickname used for a guy who hasn't the balls to stand up to his girlfriend or wife.
J.A.: I don't think she's going to let me go.
Buddy: Let you?? Listen here, Johnny Appleseeds... you go back in there and tell her you're playing poker with the guys tonight. If not, give me a call when you grow some apples down there.
by Sean Cookson August 20, 2007
The art when a guy knows his exisitng relationship is about to end, the guy then plants as many of his seeds with girls he knows as friends in hopes given the ideal situation one or many of the seeds will grow into a plant which inturn when his relationship ends he will fuck those plants
Rick has been Johnny appleseed lately he's been throwing his seeds at every girl his knows because he is about to break up with his girlfriend
by banes818 December 20, 2011
When some one puts cold apple sauce in their mouth and then performs fellatio on a male.


Alaskan Johnny Appleseed: Frozen Apple sauce

Johnny Appleseed down under: Johnny Appleseed performed from behind
BUDDY: "Some dude in the bar last night pulled out the Mott's Apple Sauce, filled his mouth with it and went down on me!"

ME: "No Shit! it's called a Johnny Appleseed"
by Patriot Academy Cadre May 14, 2011
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