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A Johnjoe.

-A slang word for dildo, or Johnjoing: using a dildo.: also see: Billiebob
-A bad name to call someone when you dont really want to call them a P***k straight out
Johnjoe owner: Aww would you stop johnjoing so much! Like, I want to johnjoe myself sometimes, you know.
Johnjoe user: Just gimme a minute...

Johnjoe admirer: where did you get this johnjoe?! I want one!!
Johnjoe owner: uhmm.. johnjoesRus i think... check the label

Stupid Johnjoe: Eeeewww your top is DISGUSTING
Disgusting top owner: Ugh! stop being suck a freakin johnjoe!! seriousley....
by Johnjoes-r-us January 23, 2010
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