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The best radio show ever,

their show is great, entertaning and funny !
I listened to ryan seacrest, his show is no Johnjay and Rich
by ruiusdhfuisdjo April 12, 2010

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the worst radio show in the history of mankind. johnjay just brags about his celebrity friendships, rich just makes fun of people on live radio, and carrie sounds like minnie mouse on crack. they even have a guy who legally changed his name to obi-wan kenobi...which is actually pretty cool, and i don't even like star wars.
johnjay: "So, while I was out to dinner with LUIS GONZALEZ, I got a text from ENRIQUE IGLESIAS. Hahaha, I'm so cool because I say irregardless and it isn't proper English, HAHAHA..."

"I was listening to Johnjay and Rich this morning... did you hear that Johnjay is friends with CELEBRITIES?"
by johnjayandrichsucks April 14, 2008