He is a type of guy that doesnt get really get a break to often or even a chance. He knows he's not the perfect guy but when you give him a chance, he can be. He's cute, really funny, socialable, and outgoing. He's really nice & sweet to others, especially his girlfriend. He can sometimes be alittle shy but thats only when he meets new people. Other than that, he's an awesome guy to be with!
"Hey arnt you dating john?"

"Yup! He's such a great guy!"
by Robin Blue May 01, 2012
Someone who is better at life then say a Matthew or a Liam.
Man that John is just so much better at life than Liam or Matt!
by Ruddaga April 10, 2013
the best brother in the whole world and has two best friends who annoy him but he loves them both dearly like to play with knives and hurt people he is very confussing and plays with your emotions he is a manwhore!
"sara did john confuse u again?"
"haley must u ask?"
by best friend ever! October 08, 2011
A guy that is super outgoing and friendly. Everyone knows of him and he keeps very few close friends. He loves to go out and have a good time and loves to be surrounded by his true few. He's very intellegent and doesn't mind sharing his beliefs with you. He really wants a Blue koala for his birthday.
John is soo much fun !! You should've seen him at the club last night !! He was madd HYPE !! I heard he wants to name his koala Blue Ray !! ;D
by PeachessKnows July 14, 2011
An outgoing person. Doesn't ask or want anything from you, but is always willing to help you whenever you want. John knows when he is being taken advantage of and walks away from a person who does that and never talks to them again. John's are always seeking happiness, they have a hard time finding their "purpose" in their lives, they have a great need to be loved. They are very affectionate and what they give is what they expect in return. They are always busy doing something, going here and there, with or without you. They are independent and only "need" a person, when it is convenient with them, however they are never selfish, always remembering and thinking about those they love. Family is everything to them, even when they have a hard time showing it. John's are fairly common people, but unique in that they stand out from their independence and confidence, they are always trying to show people how to do things. They love to experiment with new ideas. John's are great friends, good fathers, but can be dishonest in relationships. They have to earn your love to give themselves to you. John's are family men, but love the idea of adventure. You have to keep up with them, if you don't they will leave you behind.
by sheller November 27, 2014
The funniest guy you'll ever meet. May seem not hot at first, but soon you'll love his appearance. Is mean when there are no girls around, very flirtatious. Has the cutest laugh ever and a sexy smile.
"hahahaha who's that kid? He's hilarious!"
"it's John of course!!"

"oh duh!"
by The awesomest person ever!!!!! January 27, 2012
A kid that you know, you never know if he likes you or not but you know he cares for you regardless. A man of science, logic, and technology. John has found himself in love with many people who reject him and then find themselves later obsessed with him. Loves anything computers, very logical mind. Belives that " the needs of the many out wight the needs of the few " . Gets very depressed when he realizes how lonely he is, he doesn't say anything but you can just tell he's not at his best. Always strives to do his best, would give his life for any human being, and is very compassionate, you can tell by the way his beautiful blue eyes twinkle, but they also show a dark side of hatred for the destruction humans are bringing upon themselves, but he does his best not to ever show it. Has a large compassion for video games, especially ones like; Kerbal Space Program, Turbo Dosmount, and Sim City. He thinks he is an inucence to every one he sits near at launch, so he will eventually leave. He is wonderful with his jacket and fedora. He loves to socialize even though he thinks he is hated. Can be very depressed but he always get over it. He is the most beautiful, handsome person with his blue eyes and his dirty blond hair, he leaves all the girls in a trance . He doesn't know how much he is loved and I hope that he will one day figure out. Thank you John.B you are wonderful.
Girl 1: " I talked to John yesterday, he said that I look wonderful. "
Girl 2: " I saw him earlier today, he seems really sad."

Kevin: " explain these 5th dimension things. "
John: " it's wibboly, wobbly, stuff..."
by A Person of Love March 07, 2015

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