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A nickname that the Columbus, Ohio rock radio station Q-FM-96 has for heartland rocker John Mellencamp, who hails from Indiana, and is therefore a Hoosier. He's been in the business for many years and has scored many hits, particularly in the U.S. and Canada. His first hit was "I Need a Lover Who Won't Drive Me Crazy", hit #1 in the U.S. and Canada with "Jack and Diane", and has scored hit after hit since. His recent album hit the top 5 this year. First he was known as "Johnny Cougar", then "John Cougar", then briefly as "John Mellencamp Cougar", then "John Cougar Mellencamp" for the rest of the 80s, then he dropped the "Cougar" in the 90s. His sound is pretty much a mixture of Stonesy rock with a rural atmosphere and Appalachian folk instrumentation, although Mellencamp has experimented with other styles, too. He's made a number of really good albums, including Uh-Huh, Scarecrow, The Lonesome Jubilee, Human Wheels, Dance Naked and more. To quote the title of one of his hits, "Check it Out".
1. Here in the Midwest, John Mellencamp has long had a strong fan base. He frequently performs in Ohio and is very popular here.

2. Q-FM-96 DJ: "... and that was "The Authority Song" from the Uh-Huh album by John Hoosier Melonhead. And speaking of Mellencamp he's scheduled to perform at Polaris Amphitheatre next month, so get your tickets today and we'll see you there!"
by I Saw U2 Live Twice October 31, 2007
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