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Joey Renner is the infamous "trident killer" at JMU. The guy didn't die but enough people still call him a "killer." What went down was basically a party in South View where a fight broke out and everyone just started throwing punches at random people. Joey being drunk and involved in the fight saw a trident mounted on the wall..ya some dude actually had a trident mounted on their wall.. and just threw it into the fight. What he didnt notice at first was the trident caught some kid in the neck an caused some damage. Someone pulled the fire alarm seconds later and everyone rushed out of the building. Joey made it out fine and there is no evidence against him...hench how nothing has been done to get him arrested.
"hey you go to JMU?"
"Ya why..?"
"have you met Joey Renner?"
" mean the Trident Killer?"
by Witness #1 March 25, 2009
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