The lead singer of Green Day. he is obsessed with politics and should rightly be reffered to as Billie Joebama.
Billie Joebama is really really obsessed with politics
by DeadPerson August 08, 2009
Top Definition
n: The team of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, President and Vice-President of the U.S.A.
Dem: I feel a surge of pride since Joebama has taken office.

Rep: We're doomed. Joebamaconomics will never work.

Dem: Hey, Joebama deserves at least a chance.

Rep: I'm going to go polish my war medals...
by kru kutech January 21, 2009
Joebama is the hybrid formed when Blackass sticks his tongue and head up Jew

LIEberman's ass and merges with him, becoming one with the Jew.

Blackass is the most Jewish nigger you will EVER see.
They OWN him! If you look closely at Blackass, you will see his license and

registration indicate Jewish ownership.

Joebama. The best Jewish nigger money can buy.
by Jacques Asse January 19, 2010
The 44th president of the United States. Also known as O'Biden
"So how do you think Joe-bama will do as President?"

"No clue - I guess it's change I can't quite believe in (yet)"
by Joe-Bama January 18, 2009
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