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A white guy/girl version of the spanish slang word meaning gay.
Guy: "what did you do that for!!!?"
Guy2: "what? what??? do what?"
Guy: "you stupid JoeToe! You didn't check the room!!!"
Guy2: "yah?! well you DIDN'T even have your door unlocked! who's the JoeToe now????!!!"

by Mrs.SaucyPants-that's-me-bitch January 13, 2009
A Homosexual person, usually someone who acts doesnt cheat on girls or is like the ESK members. joto pronounced read in english
hataz homos
actin like joe-toes
its a nono
to fuck with us bro
we attac like a pack of lobos (assassin *ESK*)
by My Brownie Records August 13, 2008
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