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Joe grind refers to the outside man/horner man. He is never seen by the husband or boyfriend but he knows who they are.
Joe grind by your house while you working
by Frankisthatyou May 25, 2016
The man that's at your house taking care of your wife or girlfriend while you are at work.
Mike: I'm going home early today.
Clyde: Make sure you call first give "Joe Grinds" enough time to leave.
by Stallion3725 August 13, 2016
Joe Grind is the man that rams your girlfriend/wife when you're not her. Nobody ever sees his face--he's just the man--THAT man--that grinds; he's there when they need it, e.g. when she went to Malia or Ayia Napa with her mates, or that time you split up for a few weeks, days or even hours... He makes damn sure he appears, and your girl always seems to find him. You can ask her about him if things are like that, and she'll just say, "aaah, he was just some guy... it meant nothing" etc. Well it meant nothing to Joe Grind too, believe, because Joe Grind is ploughing something else now.
"Joe Grind don't care, he jus' grind..."
by Flydtastic August 15, 2016
The man who takes care of your wife/girlfriend when you are at work or just not around when she needs you.
Mike: I'm going home early today.
Winston: Make sure you call first give Joe Grind enough time to leave.
by Stallion3725 September 05, 2016
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