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A boring and utterly pointless task, usually assigned by mid-level managers to low-level underlings. See also: Joe
You want me to stuff envelopes? What a Joe Job!
by Stutterin Melendez January 07, 2005
A massive spam mailing using an innocent victim's legit email address is known as Joe Job.
I emailed my ISP to complain about the Joe Job spammers did to my email account.
by spunkovision August 23, 2004
When 2 girls lick a guys penis.
Joe: dudee i just got a joe job

Henry: i knoww i watched!
by marshwood69er June 26, 2009
When a girl is giving a guy a blowjob, the guy shoots his load in her eye. The girl then gets mad, and flicks the guy in the butthole.
As Joe was railing Kayli in the mouth, he squirted.
He then recieved a horrific flick to the rectum or anus, resulting in a joejob.'
by Jake Hoganson July 14, 2009
A sexual act performed on any living organism whose name is any form of "Jo(e)."

The act of performing a sexual act on any living organism whose name is any form of "Jo(e)."
This past weekend I got so many Joejobs from this hot neighbor babe and it RULED.

I'm gonna give this hot male specimen a totally awesome Joejob that he will never forget.

Needless to say, my first Joejob was my worst.
by Marbryjo February 18, 2011
To jerk a man off with sandpaper or steel wool until he ejaculates, than gather all the blood,sperm,and skin into a cup and drink it.
TJ: Hey, did you hear Joe is in the hospital!
Alan: Are you serious?! Why?!
TJ: His Mom gave him a joe job, but instead of sandpaper she used a glove full of staples!
Alan: That sucks he just got out a week ago because his dad fucked his ass behind the furnace and he needed stitches
by Corola February 03, 2007
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