Male: A southern white trash redneck who over uses tobacco products particularly smokeless tobacco also known as "dip" or "baccer" but also smokes cigarettes. Usually lives in a trailer park or shack and is very poor. Uses what money they have to buy tobacco or alcohol. Gets drunk/high every Friday and Saturday. Owns a truck with very large wheels. Will sleep with any woman and has probably slept with a close relative. Doesn't know what a condom is. Doesn't know what math is. Also probably cannot read.

Female: Same as male but got pregnant between the ages of 12 and 15. Usually can be found smoking in the women's restroom while skipping class. Gets into fistfights all the time. Cannot raise their child.
Female1: "I done did got pregnant when me and Joe got drunk a few months ago and did it in the back of Sam's truck."

Female2: "Ain't Joe your cousin?"

Female1: "Heck if I know"

(Both go into bathroom to smoke)

Male1: "Gimme some of that baccer!"

Male2: "Why don't you gimme some of that pot you got in your bag there?"

Teacher: "Children, quiet down! Now George Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Night, 1776..."

Male2: "Who the f**k is George Washington?"

Male1: "I think it's that thing they tell you to put on your dick when your doing a girl to keep her from getting pregnant."
by Bobby Joe Lois April 08, 2011
A guy who walks like a chicken. Basically anybody that walks like a chicken
Person ONE: "look at that guy walking like a chicken!"
Person TWO: "yeah, he is definitely a JOE"
by xxSMILE:Dxx December 25, 2010
Joe is slang for rock, boulder or other solid object. Used in reference to somebody who is large or hard to move
Yo, why there so many people standing at the door?
Coz nobdy can fit pas Joe at the front.
by handsdownthugtasticlike6:30 July 16, 2009
I is a bed with a hole in it to fuck.
"Jacking Off Enhancer"
i gonna go home and please J.O.E
by mike orso October 28, 2003
someone who is extremely overdramatic about everything. usually right after being dumped by a girl. also, someone who decides to copy his friends and try to be the same as them by doing things like changing their style to match them.
Person 1 "my girlfriend ditched me, i hate that bitch! I'm gonna dump her next time i see her."
Person 2 "Wow bro, way to pull a joe on me, we all know that you could never do that"

Person 1 "I have amnesia, i dont know who you are. Alicia? whos that?"
Person 2 "No you dont, shut up and quit being a joe"
by therockerof1995 February 18, 2011
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