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(1) n. A man who gained mythic status in amongst Las Vegas youth in the late 90's for being the man who no one ever met, yet everyone adored. Known for being a real nice guy, a modern buddah, and for having a very small right hand. And working at round table pizza.

Through a single obsessed kid, his name spread throughout local High Schools and through speculation and gossip alone, spurred clubs and "Joe Shines" parties. Joe Shines hats and t-shirts were regular attire. Transplanted by college bound
"Joeheads" of the time, present Joe Shines clubs exist at Texas A&M, LMU in Los Angeles, and at SFU in San Fransisco, near where most believe to be his present whereabouts. A documentary about the '99 riot at Gorman High School over a Joe Shines related dispute is currently in production and slated for a '06 festival release.
"Who is Joe Shines? And why is his name written on every wall?"

"He's just Joe Shines. That's it. And we love him for it."
by twamp March 15, 2005
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