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Joseph Carlyle Gies is an entrepreneur and avid golfer. Unfortunately one day Joe will not have a hair on his head due to a thing called "male pattern baldness". Joe can be found at any one of the local golf hotspots with his cronies including a small oriental kid. He is also known as Jay, Jason, Jaylord, Joe loves gies and a slew of other names. Joe is also a big fan of Nascar especially Tony Stewart which means that deep down Joe is a ardent Redneck. In the future Joe will most likely work at a movie theater collecting tickets and being "mad sketch". A futile attempt was launched to convice Joe to shave his head and wear a vest.
10 year highschool reunion "Hey Joe Gies, did you shave your head."
Answer "No you asshole."
by El-TIGRE March 29, 2009
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