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Athletically inclined individual in the urban environment who tries to pass themselves off as being cooler than they really are. A cross between a hipster and a jock. Favors Rock Climbing, Skateboarding (particularly long boards), marijuana, can equally wear a polo shirt or ironic retro t-shirt, sports longish hair, faux-hawk, or shaved heads. Usually white, male, prep school educated, and untalented.
"He took her on a date rock-climbing and then to an Andrew Bird concert. I can't believe she'd date such a jockster!"
by Scrunchface April 29, 2010
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jock + gangster

Usually seen running down the basketball court with their ass hanging out of their shorts.
Mike is a jockster.. Look at him with his backwards hat and low basketball shorts.
by imaprettycoolbrunette June 04, 2005
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