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A person who exhibits a blind loyalty to all things Apple. Loves iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and all things that go with them. Eschews Google, Android OS all things related to Microsoft, Windows and the PC. Is often offended when the shortcomings of Apple products are mentioned in their presence; has a proclivity to argue in favor of Apple products without being able to articulate exactly how or why their products are better.

Also known as a "JW".
Tim: Did you see Steve posted his iPhone 5 for sale? I guess he's getting an iPhone 5s on the first day they come out.

Greg: Yeah, I was there when he posted it. Someone mentioned that they don't like Apple products and he got all pissed off and offended.

Tim: Well, what do you expect? He's a diehard Jobs's Witness. He probably spends his days off walking around the neighborhood in a suit bothering people and passing out pamphlets.
by Modeler September 12, 2013

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