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a nickname given to the character Sydney from the character Peter in the movie I Love You, Man.
"cya pistol pete"

"cya jobin"
by e dubbs April 05, 2009
You are Beautiful, Awesome, Kind, Best, Trustful, and mostly Brilliant.
by J*Star September 17, 2013
a bitch, or a vagina or an assmonkey, usually very ugly and very fat
Dude your a damn jo-bin!
by Davisman November 06, 2006
Slang term for workin.
Yo man, what you doin tonight? I'm jobin.
by lastwednesday January 26, 2011
Another word for male masterbation; ie: Spanking the monkey, choking the chicken, etc.
What did you do last night?" "Just stayed at home, watched porn and jobin
by BrooksReed September 04, 2010