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When a dude interups another guy while that guy is speaking to a lady about his line of work by topping his job.
Guy: So I'm an investor on Wall Street.
Lady:Oh, how interesting.
Dude: Well I'm a Chicago city Firefighter.
Lady: Wow, a firefighter! Oh I bet you save lives and everything!
Guy: Yo man. Stop the Job Blocking!
by Rick Da' Lingquist October 07, 2009
Similar to cock blocking but used in work related environment.
Yo, everytime you send me that link I can never see it cause my my computer keeps job blocking.

I stay getting Error 403: Blocked Site.

Site Policy
You have attempted to access a site which has been deemed non-productive by your site administrator. Access has been blocked and your attempt has been logged.
by claymenia April 05, 2011
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